About Wendy

Wendy, also known as Wendy The Weaver of Peace, holds a Masters Degree in Education and is an Arizona-licensed, Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor certified by the McLean Meditation Institute. She is also a certified Veriditas labyrinth facilitator.

Wendy is committed to supporting you on your life’s journey. She teaches meditation from a strong base of personal experiences. Living with uncertainty is a big part of life’s journey. Add physical or emotional issues to the mix and this can produce stress. Wendy had to learn to live with the uncertainty of mobility and health issues since she was 7. Fortunately, as a child she discovered meditation. Her journey has had its challenges, and meditation has been a consistent companion that has enabled her to survive the difficult times and enjoy life. Now in her 60’s, she continues to thrive. Meditation can enhance and enrich your journey, just as it has enhanced and enriched hers.

Wendy believes that the creative process is a powerful form of meditation. Wendy can help you plan custom Fiber Playshops for your friends, family, and co-workers. As a textile artist with over four decades of experience creating one-of-kind pieces for interiors and wearable art, Wendy is world renowned for her artwork. She is also dedicated to serving her local and global communities. Wendy lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and son.